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We offer more than 50 vocational and technical courses within Industry, STEM, Sports, Healthcare, Hospitality & Logistics.

Our 3 entities:

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Learn + Discover
Learn + Discover

Broad First Degree secondary education

In our broad first degree (A-stream and B-stream) You taste different fields and discover heh heh talents. This way you make the right study choice for the 2e degree.

Learning + Skills
Learning + Skills

Full-time secondary education BSO / TSO

You follow a course full-time education at BSO / TSO level. You gain basic knowledge. In addition, you are competent in your chosen field. You can start in the 1e degree, but you already specifically choose VOICE, Sports or Industry. We organize a number of courses in both dual learning and in classical full-time secondary education.

Learning + Working
Learning + Working

Part-time secondary education

Part-time education (Learning and Working) is a dual form of education in which you follow 1 general education day and 1 professional education day at school. In addition, you will learn a profession on the shop floor 3 days a week. We offer more than 30 courses within Industry, Catering, Sports, Logistics and Healthcare. You can start at any time!


LEARNING + is learning and more than learning:

Evaluate without any points

In our BSO courses you do not get points, but you achieve "green spheres", linked to the learning objectives per subject. You get a green ball when you have mastered the goal you have to achieve. The focus here is on achieving learning goals per individual student and not on the class average.

Wide first degree

Op Campus plantijn follow the Learning + Discovery process. You follow lessons in a broad first degree. You taste different disciplines and discover your talents. You learn at your own pace and receive tailor-made guidance. This way you make the right study choice for the 2e degree.
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Learning on the work floor

You combine the best of 2 worlds: learning at school and learning in the workplace. You gain a lot of experience in a real working environment. This way you are able to join the latest tools and technologies and increase the chances on the labor market. With our courses Learning dual, our entity Learning + Working (part-time education), internships and workplace learning is "learning on the shop floor" an absolute focal point.

Guidance to the labor market

Our mentors and employees have years of experience in guiding our students on the work floor. Within each learning domain we have an extensive network of companies. This way we lead you to your right place on the job market.


Culture is a structural part of all our programs. We have numerous large and small cultural projects. Do you want to continue in something creative besides your education? Then you can also contact us!

Afternoon activities

During the afternoon you can participate in numerous activities. A selection from the offer: gaming, drum clinic, yoga, football, basketball, chess club, coding club, ...

Broad basic care

Everyone should be able to feel at home at our school. Our extensive team of care coordinators, pupils supervisors and follow-up coaches are always ready with questions about welfare at school, study career, home situation, bullying, social problems, etc.

In the spotlight

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"On GO! Spectrum school I received individual guidance. My weak points were worked hard so that I could succeed and graduated. Because of the strong foundation that I received, I never got into trouble at the university. As a LO teacher, I also apply this to my own pupils today. "

Tom, former student, now teacher LO

"After my studies on GO! Spectrumschool I obtained a professional bachelor automation. For a while I worked as a robotics engineer. Now I work as a controls project engineer. I mainly program PLCs and implement installations. The skills I put on GO! Spectrum school I learned every day in my job. "

Younes, former student, now an engineer in Canada

"Besides the lessons, for example, we also go surfing in France. In addition, there are many other activities. That way I gain a lot of experience. "


"We work project-based from start to finish; with our hands and with computer-controlled technology. That you put something together and then actually see it work, gives me great satisfaction. "




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