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You are following a full-time course. You are proficient in your profession and you are introduced to the labor market.

2nd stage I 3rd stage I Se-N-Se (7th specialization year)

Finality> Labor market

The labor market finality is the former BSO. These courses are intended to allow students to successfully progress to graduate courses (= HBO5 courses) and / or to prepare them for work. Read all about the modernization of secondary education here.

You can follow this route on Campus Ruggeveld.

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These courses prepare you for the labor market. In the 7th specialization year (Se-N-Se) you specialize in your chosen field. If you pass one of our courses, you will pass it after the 6th year certificate of Secondary Education and a professional qualification after the 7th specialization year (Se-N-Se). A business management certificate is also possible.

Our evaluation system knows no points. The curriculum is divided into learning objectives that you must achieve. If you have achieved a learning objective, it will be ticked off. This way you know at any time what you can already do and what you still have to learn. You pass if you have achieved all learning objectives at the end of the school year. If you still have deficits, the class council decides whether you pass or not.

Our school domain and practice workshops offer ample practical possibilities.

Because of our close cooperation with companies we guide you to one good place in the labor market.

We offer you one tailor-made route waarin Individual guidance and a warm learning climate being central.

The training courses of Learning + Skills

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