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Learn + skills
(full-time secondary education BSO / TSO)

You follow a full-time course at BSO / TSO level. You gain basic knowledge. In addition, you are competent in your field.

You can follow this route on Campus Ruggeveld.

knopschrijfjenuin 300x159 - Learning + Skills

If you pass one of our degree programs, you will achieve it certificate of Secondary Education. A corporate management certificate is also possible. The BSO courses prepare you for the job market. You specialize in your chosen field in the 7 specialization year. The TSO training give you a solid foundation higher studies start within your field.

Our school domain and practice workshops offer ample practical possibilities.

Because of our close cooperation with companies we guide you to one good place in the labor market.

We offer you one tailor-made route waarin Individual guidance and a warm learning climate being central.

The training courses of Learning + Skills

Click on one of the following areas of interest to find your education.

1e Degree Industry

1e Degree VOICE

1e Degree Sport

STEM> Engineering & Technology



Construction & Wood


Metal & Mechanics


7e specialisatiejaar

Duaal Learning