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Learn + discover
(Broad First Degree Secondary Education)

Who am I? What can I? What do I want? Discovering what your talents are is very important. With us you go looking for it!

You follow lessons in a broad first degree. You taste different disciplines and discover your talents. You learn at your own pace and receive tailor-made guidance. This way you make the right study choice for the 2e degree!

You can follow this route on Campus Plantijn.



Inspired by it Dalton education you get weekly 3 ZAP hours.

ZAP means "self-directed learning for general subjects ". You work with study planners. You decide yourself (zapping) to which tasks you want to work. You process the subject matter independently and choose whether you do this alone or together with other students. The teacher is "Question beacon" and supervisor.

The Dalton education is a type of education where the emphasis is on freedom of choice for the pupil, cooperation with other pupils and the development of independence. > More info

For the time being, the ZAP hours are only fitted in the A-stream.

LEARNING + hours

You receive customized support during "LEARNING +"

Learn + is learning in a powerful learning environment with support and guidance according to the different needs and interests of each student.

> A-stream: In addition to the general lessons you get during the "LEARNING + HOURS" tailored guidance according to your questions and needs.
> B-stream: During a number of Learning + hours you get via the ADI method the chance to process the material at your own pace.

We provide an extra "LEARNING + moment" in the form of homework assistance on Wednesday afternoons for A-stream and B-stream.


A number of courses are given on a project basis.

You become acquainted with fascinating themes "VOICE" en "Art and culture".

With the ADI method we will work differentiated during the lessons so that all students get the chance to process the material at their own pace.


Discovering talents during TALENT BOOST en MODULES

During our sessions "Talent boost" and the modules we look for your talents and interests. We do this via the questions: Who am I? What do I want? And what can i do


For each school year you can choose between a number of optional modules in which you search for your talents. You follow 2 option modules per period during 1 afternoon in the week (4 teaching hours).

module media


module sport


modulus science-01

Human sciences

module economy


module expression-01

(word / image / drama)

module sciences


module care 01

(Her) Care

module creation 01


module industry-01


module feed-01


module economy

Trade and Retail

Rock & Water

In the first year all students get one "ROCK and WATER training".

Students learn to know themselves better in a sporting and active way. They learn how they interact with each other and train their resilience.

Rock & Water1
Rock & Water2
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