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Learning + working (part-time education)

Sign up in part-time education
and immediately start your education.

You can enter into learning and working at any time during the school year.
Thanks to the modular system, you can graduate at any time during the school year in most programs.
Learning and Working in DBSO Antwerp is a form of learn dual.

You can follow this route on Campus Ruggeveld.

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Learning + Working

You attend two days at school and you work three days. You are therefore working five days a week.

You learn a profession and you can also obtain a diploma.

The courses are modular. This means that you will become a specialist in your field step by step. After each step, you get proof of what you already can.

At school you will be supervised by your teachers. You also have an employment counselor who is the same

Learn a profession

You learn a profession both at school and at work.

If you have acquired some of the professional knowledge, you get a certificate. If you have sufficient certificate of participation, you will receive a certificate of professional competence.

Most courses last two to four years.

Every young person studies at his own pace. The duration of your training is therefore not fixed in advance. Everything you learn on your work also counts in school.

You'll get your progress together with your teacher every week so you know what to learn.

Get your diploma

You can get the secondary education diploma in our center.

You follow the general subjects one day a week. This lesson program is identical to that of the BSO in full-time education.

We also organize these lessons modularly. That is, you graduate as soon as you have achieved everything. You can graduate at any time during the school year.

Every young person learns at his own pace and follows an individual course. So you can not "stay".

If you enroll in our center then you write down an entry test. With this setup test, you show what you can do. Everything you can do, you should not learn more. You can therefore get exemptions for this subject matter. Each week you can see what you need to learn with your teacher.

L & W has new classrooms

20170707 133623 1450x472 - Learning + Working

From 1 September 2017, part of the lessons will take place in new classrooms in the new building on the other side of the street. Spectrumschool continuously invests in improving the quality of our courses and in improving our infrastructure.

In the new rooms, the 3 degree and "diploma +" of Learning + follow the lessons PAV.

The training of Learning + Working


Administratie & IT


Construction & Wood


Logistics & Retail

Metal & Mechanics


Duaal Learning

Part-time education in practice

PART-TIME EDUCATION …. More than full time!

You combine learning with work. Dual learning stands in part-time education central. You receive one day of general education and one day of professional education at school. You will learn about the work floor for three days. So you are working full-time!

Within this process you can follow a wide range of courses within Industry, STEM, Sport, Logistics, Catering and Care. In addition to the training in part-time education, we also provide broad basic care for everyone. We look at this separately for each student. This way you get individual support where you can develop yourself at your own pace.

This process is possible from 15 to 25 year. You must have completed at least two years of full-time education.

Part-time education is very close to the labor market. We prepare young people for a permanent job and stable and secure income.


The Spectrumschool profiles as a quality provider of Part-time education in Antwerp. We attach great importance to full-time engagement. This means we strive for everyone to get started; Preferably in a regular and paid job. In part-time education Antwerp, we distinguish ourselves because we are always getting the highest employment rates. That's the merit of our students and of our co-workers.

We organize our part-time education courses in Deurne-Antwerp. The employers we work with are found throughout the province of Antwerp. We keep in mind when you are looking for a job where you live so that you do not have to make unnecessary moves. Part-time education is strong in and around Antwerp. That makes sense. In Antwerp you have a lot of employment where students of part-time education can also be right. Just because there are many people living and working in Antwerp, you also have many secondary activities like rest homes, creches, ... Antwerp is not for nothing the Flanders economic metropolis and there Part-time education in Antwerp Just benefit from it.


You can be involved in different types of jobs at the Spectrum School. If you do not know what work means, then a preliminary project or bridge project is a suitable employment in part-time education. As soon as you demonstrate that you know what work is, we will look for a regular job together.

A regular job means working with a real employer and paying you in full. The latest contracts are so prepared that your parents stay taxed and that you can keep your child money.

Part-time education or dual learning often leads to a permanent job

Almost all the programs we organize are linked to a shortage profession or to a bottleneck sector. That means that once you have graduated, you will also easily get a well-paid job. Finding a job is never easy; but you are not alone. We help you on your way and often after your training in part-time education you can continue to work with a permanent contract at your workplace.

Smartschool Spectrumschool

Use all students, young people, teachers and supervisors Smart school. Every young person receives an account upon registration. It is the most important communication channel between students and the CDO.

WORKING LEARNING is an alternative name for part-time education

Admittedly, it does not get any easier. In the place of part-time education, we sometimes speak of working learning; from dual learning; learning and working ...

They are all different names for part-time education.

The essence is that you combine your work and learning, and that you can make a career or craft through that coherence into the smallest details.

Working learning or part-time education? A great trajectory if you want to be good at your job.


The Spectrumschool organizes both part-time education and learning in dual-course. In the part-time education Combine your learning at school with workplace learning. You will also be paid when you are going to work.

In dual learning lies the emphasis on learning in the workplace. You can study dual in full-time secondary education as well as part-time. During the full-time you are not paid on the work floor, in part-time though. For dual learning, stricter admission requirements apply to part-time education. If you want more information about these two options or if you want to know more about the differences between both systems, please contact us. We're happy to help you.

> Learn more about dual learning

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