Our school

GO! Spectrumschool

The go! Spectrumschool provides secondary education and offers more than 50 vocational and technical courses within Industry, STEM, Sport, Care, Horeca & Logistics.

Our school is more than just “learning”. Based on our “Learning +” story, we offer each student a tailor-made route. We work practice-oriented and focus strongly on guidance to the labor market. In addition to the curriculum, we work strongly through projects and activities on the development of the student's personality and the discovery of his or her talents. Talents we can be proud of. We focus on culture, sports and afternoon activities. Broad basic care is central.

Our structure

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As part of the GO! education of the Flemish Community we strive for one
maximum learning gain, total personality development, active citizenship and
individual well-being of our students. The school extends a lot for this
training offer within Industry, STEM, Sports, Healthcare, Horeca & Logistics and
tries to form a bridge to society. Good cooperation with the
environment and the business world are central to this. We work through cultural education
to the cultural self-awareness of our students. In this way we form young people who are flexible
and continue to develop through lifelong learning. We encourage them to participate actively
to participate in a rapidly evolving society.

All this is translated into our Learning + story, because our school is more than “learning”
only. The school is a warm home for all its students and offers one to every student
tailor-made process. In addition to the curriculum, we work through projects and activities on the
unfolding the student's personality and discovering his or her
talents. Talents they can be proud of.


Active Citizenship and Total Personality Development

  • We see diversity as an added value within our school.
  • We look with an open mind, without prejudice, and show interest and
    respect for everyone's opinion and existing differences.
  • We strive for a self-reliant learning and work attitude with the necessary sense of purpose
  • We pay attention to everyone's talents and are actively committed to them

Maximum learning gain

  • We are strongly committed to project-based and integrated work.
  • We create individual trajectories that our students can go through
    curriculum realization and differentiation form the basis.
  • We ensure transparent evaluation.
  • We base feedback on clear expectations and instructions.

Learning path & Individual well-being

  • We strive for a warm school in which students have a say.
  • We are committed to a living school where every individual can have his or her individuality
  • We offer sufficient opportunities and challenges.
  • In addition to broad basic care, we also provide individual support.

Bridge to society

  • We encourage and support partnerships locally and nationally
    and international level.
  • We maintain close contacts with the business community.
  • We focus on liveability through a well-equipped, clean and safe
    create an environment.
  • We look ahead and monitor developments closely and ensure that
    education that 'moves with the times'.