Our school

Campus Ruggeveld

You can go to the Ruggeveld campus for the following learning paths:

This campus has well-equipped practice workshops, a professional sports infrastructure and classrooms that are up-to-date. In the immediate vicinity, the pupils can use various innovative accommodation projects such as parks, sports fields, swimming pools, etc. In addition, we work together with external agencies such as VDAB and RTC to provide the most modern equipment and learning tools.

We are also present outside the school. Through company visits, exchange projects abroad, internships and workplace learning, we introduce our students to the real world. On top of that are the students of Learning + Working en Duaal Learning 3 effective days in the week on the job market!

Campus Ruggeveld / Leren + Bekwamen

Phone: 03 / 328 05 00
Email: Info@spectrumschool.be

Campus Ruggeveld / Leren + Werken

Phone: 03 / 328 03 60
Email: Cdo@spectrumschool.be

Ruggeveldlaan 496