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An education Learning + Skills (labor market finality) of GO! Spectrumschool, Campus Ruggeveld

What are you learning?

In Wood training (labor market finality)you acquire knowledge and practical experience in the field of interior and exterior carpentry and interior design. This in combination with internships. You mainly go Projectually to work.

In 2e grade Wood you are taught basic manual and machine skills. You get to know and use different types of wood and materials. By manufacturing workpieces you gain insight into constructions. Much attention is also paid to observing safety regulations.

In 3e grade Wood you will be trained to work independently and you will learn to use modern machines professionally and safely. The structures are getting bigger and more complex. CAD drawing and CNC machines are an important part of the training. In our workshop you learn to carry out all phases from 'assignment to realization': from planning, sketching, price calculation to measuring and making and finishing the product. Much attention also continues to be paid to observing safety regulations.

During you Internship you get an extensive chance of what you know and can apply in practice. You taste the real work situation in a woodworking company. This way you can become more proficient in working independently and become increasingly handy. This way you create a good perspective for your future.


With the purchase of a 5-axis computer-controlled CNC machine, we as a school consciously invest in the future of our wood training courses. Our wood department will be expanded considerably in the coming years with a range for every purpose.


Something for you?

LB BSO wood SAM 0628 - Wood

You are handy

LB BSO wood SAM 0550 - Wood

You are working accurately

LB BSO wood SAM 0545 - Wood

You have an eye for detail

For whom?

Do you like to work with your hands and with natural materials? Do you have a sense of finesse? Do you see yourself making furniture, laying parquet, making stairs and installing, etc.?
Then this direction may be something for you.

What do we expect?

You can always start in the Wood course, but it is advisable to start from the 2nd degree. We expect you to be eager to learn and accurate and to act as a true professional. Considering the machines you work with in this training, an eye for safety is very important. Keep in mind that wood training may not be a good idea if you are allergic to dust, certain woods and / or processing products.
In the first degree, the basic option STEM techniques B-flow is an ideal preliminary training.

What after?

Training Wood belongs to the STEM study domain and knows a labor market finality . This training prepares you to get started after your studies.

After the 3e degree Wood you get it certificate of Secondary Education. You then have, however not yet a secondary education diploma. It is therefore recommended to have one SE-N-SE (7th specialization year)  to follow. At our school you can specialize in the Wood study area Interior decoration. After getting it certificate of Secondary Education are you a full-fledged carpenter and you can get started on the shop floor or even start your own company. There is a lot of work to be found within the sector. So you can get started quickly!

From 1 September 2019, our school will gradually organize its courses according to the new education reform. After the first grade, the first grade of the second grade will be adjusted in the 2021-2022 school year. After 6 years, the reform will be fully implemented.

More Info

Lesson table training wood

VAK3rd year and 4th year5° years6° years
Project general subjects645
Applied general sciences2
Physical education222
Philosophy subject222
Learning+ general education1
Learning+ specific training2
Stage wood3 weeks5 weeks
You get lessons Campus Ruggeveld in Deurne.

GO! Spectrumschool
Campus Ruggeveld
Ruggeveldlaan 496
2100 Deurne (Antwerp)
03 – 328.05.00

You can reach us by tram 10 - tram 5 - tram 8 - bus 19 - bus 410 - bus 411 - bus 412
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From the 3 degree Internship an essential part of the training, but also in the past the pupils are already in contact with the shop floor and the business world.

Our stewards and employees have employment years of experience with guiding our students on the work floor. Within each learning domain we have an extensive network of companies where internships can be run.

There are also walking many collaborations with sectors, companies we work on project-based, such as VDAB, Agoria, Umicore, Atlas Copco, etc.

This system certainly pays. 7 on 10 employers will hire someone sooner if they have had a form of workplace learning during their training, according to UNIZO research. "Workplace learning should become self-evident in all training courses, and should be directly in line with the needs of the companies themselves," said former UNIZO CEO Karel Van Eetvelt.

If you choose Learning + Skills you follow a full-time training. You are proficient in your profession and you are introduced to the labor market. You choose a field within Industry, STEM, Sport or Healthcare (Society & Welfare).

You get practical training by our subject expert teachers. Learning on the work floor is an important part of our full-time courses in Learning + Competences. Through internships, workplace learning and cooperation with sectors and companies you will be guided to one good place in the labor market. We also offer some of the courses indoors Duaal Learning.

If you pass one of our courses you will achieve it certificate of Secondary Education. Also a certificate business management is possible.

Our school domain and practice workshops offer ample practical possibilities.

We offer you one tailor-made route waarin Individual guidance and a warm learning climate being central.

A specific question about this education?

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Sonja Wellens
Deputy Director of Learning + Skills
03 / 328 05 21

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