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An education Learning + Skills (labor market finality) of GO! Spectrumschool, Campus Ruggeveld

What are you learning?

In BSO training Electrical Installations Dual you learn to install new electrical installations in homes and buildings. You can also renovate and maintain existing installations. You will also learn to work on more complicated residential and / or industrial electrical installations.

With Duaal Learning you combine the best of 2 worlds: learning at school and learning at the workplace. You spend 3 days in the workplace. You will learn general subjects and the theoretical and practical knowledge that is additional to your training at school.

The range consists of 6 clusters:

  • General subjects
  • Designing an installation
  • Mount
  • to install
  • Connection to very low voltage
  • Run an installation.

You will attend 2 days for your general subjects, your philosophical subjects, sports and theoretical and practical knowledge associated with your degree. You will work the other 3 days. You keep track of your activities in your logbook. Your practical teacher will look at your progress together with you, in close consultation with the mentor on the work floor.

This training starts from the 5e year.

Learning dual

Why choose dual learning?

  • You learn in a real working environment
  • You increase your chances in the labor market
  • You are up to date with the latest tools and technologies
  • Already learning increases your motivation.
  • You practice 'soft skills' that are important on the labor market, such as cooperation, taking initiative, arriving on time, ...

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Something for you?

L + B-out-of-school care electricity – IMG_9183

You are handy


You work safely and well

L + B-out-of-school care electricity – IMG_9217

You have an eye for detail

For who?

Are you interested in electrical installations & machines? Are you handy and accurate? Do you enjoy working with your hands, but also with the computer? Would you like to learn to combine with work?
Then this direction may be something for you.

What do you need to start?

To start in Electrical Installations Dual you must be the holder of one certificate of the 2e degree of secondary education, or a favorable decision of the class council.
No one can enter a dual program (with workplace component) as long as he is full-time school-age, because it is legally impossible for a full-time school-goer to join the labor market. You are full-time school attendance up to your 16 year. If you are 15, you must have attended at least the first 2 years of secondary education.

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What after?

After the Electrical Installer Dual course you get it certificate of secondary education. You then have, however not yet a secondary education diploma. It is therefore recommended to have one 7e specialisatiejaar to follow. At our school you can specialize in the field of study Electricity Industrial Electricity (full-time regular) or Industrial Electricity Dual . After getting it certificate of Secondary Education Are you a full-fledged electrician and can you start on the work floor or even start your own business.

More Info

Consult here the lesson tables of the BSO Electrical Installer Dual course:

You get lessons Campus Ruggeveld in Deurne.

GO! Spectrumschool
Campus Ruggeveld
Ruggeveldlaan 496
2100 Deurne (Antwerp)

You can reach us by tram 10 - tram 5 - tram 8 - bus 19 - bus 410 - bus 411 - bus 412
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From the 3 degree Internship an essential part of the training, but also in the past the pupils are already in contact with the shop floor and the business world.

Our stewards and employees have employment years of experience with guiding our students on the work floor. Within each learning domain we have an extensive network of companies where internships can be run.

There are also walking many collaborations with sectors, companies we work on project-based, such as VDAB, Agoria, Umicore, Atlas Copco, etc.

This system certainly pays. 7 on 10 employers will hire someone sooner if they have had a form of workplace learning during their training, according to UNIZO research. "Workplace learning should become self-evident in all training courses, and should be directly in line with the needs of the companies themselves," said former UNIZO CEO Karel Van Eetvelt.

If you choose Learning + Skills you follow a full-time training. You are proficient in your profession and you are introduced to the labor market. You choose a field within Industry, STEM, Sport or Healthcare (Society & Welfare).

You get practical training by our subject expert teachers. Learning on the work floor is an important part of our full-time courses in Learning + Competences. Through internships, workplace learning and cooperation with sectors and companies you will be guided to one good place in the labor market. We also offer some of the courses indoors Duaal Learning.

If you pass one of our courses you will achieve it certificate of Secondary Education. Also a certificate business management is possible.

Our school domain and practice workshops offer ample practical possibilities.

We offer you one tailor-made route waarin Individual guidance and a warm learning climate being central.

A specific question about this education?

Sonja Wellens
Deputy Director of Learning + Skills
03 / 328 05 21