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Our training Dual Learning

What is dual learning?

You combine the best of 2 worlds: learning at school and learning at the workplace. You spend 3 days in the workplace.
You will learn general subjects and the theoretical and practical knowledge of your study at school.
You develop practical knowledge and relevant work experience in a real company.
The company and the school are discussing on a regular basis and describing where to learn.
In a minimum of time you get a strong theoretical basis and a good dose of practical experience and you develop relevant experience in the workplace during your studies.
You obtain your diploma in secondary education and you are immediately a big step ahead of your peers!

Why choose dual learning?

  • You learn in a real working environment
  • You increase your chances in the labor market
  • You are up to date with the latest tools and technologies
  • Already learning increases your motivation.
  • You practice 'soft skills' that are important on the labor market, such as cooperation, taking initiative, arriving on time, ...

Are you paid in dual learning?

For the days you are at the employer, you will usually be paid. The fees are fixed and depend on your age and experience. Those who opt for dual learning remain taxed at the expense of the parents and you or your parents also receive the child benefit.

What is the difference between dual learning and internship?

Stages usually last less than the course in dual learning. In the seventh year of career, for example, you follow up to 8 weeks internship in the ordinary learning program (these are 40 class days)

Those who choose dual learning work until 130 days in the company.

In an internship, it is primarily the intention that you practice what you learned at school. In dual learning, you really learn on the work floor.

Why dual learning at our school?

The go! Spectrumschool in Deurne (Antwerp) is a pioneer in dual learning. We already offer more than 25 years of dual learning in the system of Learning + Working. (part-time education is also dual learning)

More information about dual learning.

Frank Depoortere
Follow-up Dual Learning
03 / 328 03 65

For more detailed information you can visit the Dual Learning Flanders website.

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GO! Spectrumschool participated in Ideal Dual, where we developed a concept around portfolio for a student of Dual Learning.

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We participate in the European Erasmus + project “Trialog”. An app for following up on the learning process in the workplace.